The Life and Times of Oswald Perch

Oswald Perch was a bright and sensitive child, and the death of a pet bunny
upset him considerably. It also cast his mind to considering what’s beneath
the surface of our bodies.
When an aunt mentioned her tummy was full of butterflies, Oswald –
naturally enough – wondered what they might look like. The same when
someone told him that swallowing gum would glue his insides together.
Where most would entertain such thoughts for a while before putting them
aside, Oswald stayed with them. And like a true scientist, he sought evidence.
The curiosity of a young
mind is truly amazing
But how far should children be
allowed to explore their interests?
Which is what led to his first autopsy.
As for what followed,
it was most unfortunate –
but could it have been prevented?
That is for the reader to decide.

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